In our adult classes you will achieve the duel benefits of a rigorous total body workout, while learning a real-life street self-defense system that works. While fitness and self-defense tend to be the two biggest draws for our studio, you will also refine your speed, timing, coordination, balance and flexibility as the activity inherently calls up these athletic facets for sharper execution.

Beginning with basic stances, punches, kicks, knees and elbows, our curriculum is designed for your progression into more advanced techniques to include joint locks, chokes, knife and club defenses, sweeps, leg hocks, trips…you name it.

Training in this format is actually a lot of fun, which is why a lot of fitness-seeking adults end up training in the arts. While practicing amongst a group of light hearted peers, you’ll often forget that you’re developing these skills—that you’re literally making a weapon out of your body—because you’re simply having fun.

Implicit in “self-defense” is total body fitness. The HIIT (high-intensity interval training) type of fitness, because of its conduciveness with the explosive movements that best serve in self-defense.

We will disguise burpees, pushups, ab-work, bear-crawls, jumping jacks and basically every calisthenic you can think of, by combining them with bagwork, martial arts forms and sparring to deliver a top-notch total body workout. We offer a cardio intensive activity that emphasizes body weight exercises in efforts to elongate and tone muscle, as opposed to developing bulk.