The martial arts industry tends to have a ratio of roughly 80% to 20% kids to adults, or at least that’s what the big dogs in the business have told me and that is what I’ve seen reflected in competing dojos. But after managing my Old Town dojo prior to opening Urban Kempo, I turned out adult classes that were equal to, and often larger than, my kid classes. This gave me reason to believe that I could mainstream Kempo into the adult workout circuit, and this is particularly why I chose Clarendon as the location for my first dojo.

The single-family homes that line the high-rise residential corridor between Rosslyn and Ballston offered the perfect demographic for me to maintain the child market, while also carving out new spaces for Kempo in the adult mainstream.

Of course, I am up against some major obstacles–spandex in particular. To better understand my perspective on that check out my blog post on the issue.

But barriers have never gotten in the way of me and my goals, and neither will the gi prevent Urban Kempo from becoming the premier workout venue for adults throughout Northern Virginia and the greater DC area. Nothing sells Urban Kempo like our personality. Please take a peek at our video offering a portal into our adult Kempo world.

This is a place where you can come to be yourself, workout hard, let down your guard and laugh with other professionals, and of course LEARN A PRACTICAL LIFE SKILL! If I thought there was a better avenue to to accomplish these goals, I would place my efforts there. We are on to something strong with Urban Kempo–something new.

Big thanks to all who came out to make the video, and to each and every adult that is running with us right now! You probably don’t realize it, but you are making history with me in bringing Kempo into the mainstream, which is a beautiful thing!

See you in the dojo,