As soon as I left Potomac roughly six years ago and began implementing plans for Urban Kempo, this young man, Sean Broughton, was there.

For a short stint in the summer of 2012, when I was jobless and struggling to make something out of nothing, Sean crashed on my couch offering support, friendship and ideas. From the beginning we dreamed of teaching the martial arts together one day.

At the time Sean was an eighteen-year-old kid and had some growing to do of his own. He enlisted in the marines, moved to Japan, and from a distance we continued our talks about one day teaching together, periodically enjoying his company at the Urban during his visits home.


Well Sean is out of the USMC and has been living on the west coast training with our Grandmaster's people in the same curriculum that we put forth at Urban, one that Sean has known now for over 20 years.

Having the option to either stay on the west coast and pursue a career with ZUltimate or return home and materialize what we'd been talking about for six years (two really amazing options!), Sean is joining the Urban as a full-time employee.

Sean brings to the table a lot of things: a youthful old soul, a gift with children, a decades-old wisdom-filled relationship with our beloved Shaolin-Kempo, experience as a marine, a soft heart combined with a rare ability to fight, humility in company with eliteness, and last but definitely not least--friendship. He is precisely the kind of person that I envisioned expanding our operation with. I trust him with my full heart as I do Soraya. He adds a tremendous amount of value to our school. This is an absolute blessing.

So make him feel at home (which he already will). Get to know him. And feel free to begin inquiring about what is soon to become a popular topic of conversation, particularly amongst the kids:

Who would win a fight, Sensei Mike or Sensei Sean? I'll take the opportunity to usurp the podium while the young man is still in transition from the west coast: That feisty little guy would never make it inside of my reach. I would defeat Sean with all of the Crane that I could muster towards his Dragon. That's the final word. I'm still the boss. What I say goes. Right? Yeah I wish.

This is a HUGE moment for Urban Kempo. Thank you all for being a part of the family that I began growing almost fifteen years ago in Old Town, and just over five years ago in Arlington. Big things are happening--huge in fact. The future has never seemed so bright and DC has never seen anything like this type of All Star team.

Oh, and in case you didn't already know, as soon as I opened the doors in 2013 Urban Kempo was already established as one of the best martial arts schools in the country. That is right I'll boast. I'm one of the best. Not good for much else, but drop me in a dojo and it's like handing Michael Jordan a basketball or Jimi Hendrix a guitar--I just seem to know what to do with it.

Sean has always been the same. I think you'll see a lot of both my and Soraya's heart in him. With this addition, we'll rival anybody out there! I think you'll enjoy the energy!