I’ll cut to the chase. You’ll burn as many or more calories in our workouts as you will any other workout in the area. Don’t believe me? Bring your fitbit.

Absent the complicated machinery that encourages back and shoulder injury, or heavy weights and jarring jumps that impair the joints, we are one of the safest high intensity fitness experiences you’ll have.

Self admittedly, I participate in SoulCycle and Cut 7 to supplement my own regimen. I love the workouts and I love the people. They are integral to my quality of life and I invite my students to come with me. But while these remain mere fitness activities, the arts are something much different. We’ve been around since way before and we’ll be here way after and there is a reason for that.

The expertise required to bring you the arts is not only more extensive than barebones fitness, but you are continually engaged in the progression of an activity that you will carry with you everywhere you go—you’re learning a martial art! You are doing what most people have talked about doing their entire lives.

I’ve been there before. I talked and thought about it forever. If you are visiting this page, you’re already hesitating. Just friggin’ do it!

We are not a UFC Gym or a 9 Round. We teach actual street self defense as if you were being attacked on the street. No gloves (excepting in sparring for protection) and no wraps. You’ll end up breaking your own hands in a real fight after practicing that way, which is why breaks to the metacarpals are called “boxers’ fractures.” I should know—I’ve broken mine twice :)

In contrast to MMA we are not a sport. Our curriculum disregards rules. Yes, it’s dirty. It should be. I’m still living with an injury from a street altercation from over twenty years ago that impairs my ability to see, just for example. I don’t want my students to get into a street fight. But neither do I want my students to lose in a street fight. I’ll teach you how to distract the attacker and then attack the groin, knees, throat, eyes. Aggressively.

Joint locks, chokes, knife and club defenses, punches, kicks, elbows, knees, sweeps, leg hocks, trips you name it (did mention this was a martial arts school?). I’ll introduce you to your body in ways you never thought possible. Your sternum, for example, is there to protect your lungs and heart…I’ll teach you how to break an arm over it. Sound fun?

Crazy right? And then we all go home to our lives as lawyers, teachers, contractors, bartenders, wives and husbands, CEO’s, students, moms and dads.

Fitness is a journey that requires exploration and commitment. The reality is that if you are afraid to explore, take a small risk and commit to something new, you’ll remain where you are, forever. Please don’t be that person! You’re better than that.

My post-university journey has exposed me to two years of CrossFit, four years of Vinyasa, a couple years with Bikram, and a year or so of Hatha. I tossed my toe in the water with Orange Theory and MMA and seem to have settled into a healthy mix that is right for me at this point in my life—Kempo, running/elliptical, SoulCycle, light lifting and Cut 7. What can I say I like the people at SC and C7. I hope you like us!

For those of you interested in progressing through our black belt curriculum, you would enroll as an official student, in which case you would wear a uniform accessorized by a belt signifying how far you’ve come within the curriculum. Unlimited group classes, and one semi-private lesson lesson per week would be included in your monthly tuition of $255/month.

If you’re strictly interested in a fun way to get a total body workout, our drop-in rate is $30/class, but you can try the first one for $15. Drop-ins are welcome to wear workout clothes as usual.

Please come sweat with us, hit some bags, develop a thorough feel for self-defense basics, and maybe even discover a new passion!