If you enjoyed our January and February specials, you're going to LOVE our MARCH MADNESS promotion!! As soon as the NCAA tournament brackets are finalized, fill out a blank bracket, participate in at least four classes at our dojo, and earn the chance to win a couple of weeks, a couple months, or even a LIFETIME OF FREE KEMPO at our studio!  This could be our most exciting promotion of the year! Here is how the points will break down:

  • First round victories = 2 points each
  • Second round victories = 4 points each
  • Third round victories = 8 points each
  • Fourth round victories = 16 points each
  • Fifth round victories = 30 points each
  • Final game victory = 40 points

After the championship game on April 6th, we’ll tally up the points.  If you get a perfect bracket, we’ll let you study FOR FREE for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  If your score is above 483, you’ll win TWO FREE MONTHS of Kempo.  If your score is between 322 and 482 you’ll win one month.  Finally, if your score is between 161 and 321 you’ll win two weeks.

So heads up for the brackets! Turn them in upon arriving for your first class, and attend as many classes as you wish until the final results are announced!

See you in the dojo!!

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